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Relaxing Time

Recent developments happening in the world has lead most Americans to vacation at home during these uncertain times.

In short, the term vacation can mean either relaxing at home or enjoying time off somewhere. I’d say about the turn into the 20th century soon saw the likes of city-dwellers vocalizing to the world that they would vacate their city homes for beach and lake houses.

At that time, the USA coined the term vacation. I am well aware that many other nations follow the English and prefer to employ the term holiday, nevertheless, the USA prides itself on being delightfully creative - perhaps why we still use vacation to this very day.

Whether or not we like it, the nature of vacation has changed in summer 2020. For example, in the past, a vacation meant that we were absent from the workplace. Whereas today, while on vacation, it is considered normal to remain on-call in lieu of being unreachable.

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